TEDx Talk on Psychodrama

TEDx Talk on Psychodrama

TEDxConejo 2012 – Jean Campbell – Psychodrama: Voices Together

Jean has utilized action methods in clinical, business and medical settings since 1993. She has worked in the substance abuse and mental health field for more than 18 years, in a variety of clinical settings, including as Director of the Family Program at Inter-Care, Ltd. in New York City, and as Clinical Director of Clearview Treatment Programs in Los Angeles.

As a result of her own personal journey, Jean has brought both bodywork and spirituality into her work with others, allowing them to heal on all levels. In so doing, she facilitates her student’s and trainee’s discovery and nurturing of the presence of Spirit and intuition into their lives.

Prior to her clinical experience, Jean worked as Director of Operations for a multi-million dollar pharmaceutical advertising and marketing firm. She served 2 terms as Treasurer of the American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama (ASGPP), and is President Emeritus of the Women’s Association for Addiction Treatment (WAAT). Jean has worked in business and corporate settings and has trained clinicians on a national and international level.

As Director of the Action Institute of California, she uses action methods in businesses, agencies, clinics, schools and hospitals to facilitate staff trainings, team building, strategic planning, crisis management and role training seminars. She is certified as a Trainer, Educator and Practitioner by the American Board of Examiners in Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy, is a Masters Level Certified Experiential Therapist, an EMDR practitioner, a Level II Reiki practitioner, a Fellow of the American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama, and a Practitioner and Trainer of Psychodramatic Bodywork®.

In addition, Jean is an Instructor in the UCLA Extension Program at the University of California, Los Angeles, a former Faculty Member at Ryokan College in Los Angeles, California, a Program Faculty Member of the I*CARE (Interpersonal Communication and Relationship Enhancement) Program at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, and a Psychodrama Trainer at Onsite in Cumberland Furnace, TN. theactioninstitute.com

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